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A Mammoth Good Time!

Can I Be in The Great Christmas Ring?

Absolutely! Once you find an event, please carefully read the registration instructions as they vary between venues. We strongly encourage that you purchase your music ahead of time, though books will be available at the event sites. You can buy the book from our online merchandise store or you can purchase it from Amazon. Decide which two bells you are going to play and, if possible, familiarize yourself with the music so you will be relaxed and confident on the day of the event. All the arrangements are in the key of 'C', and there are no accidentals. You will need the 2 bells you will play, the music book and a music stand. All the techniques used in the music are played off the table.

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It's a Mammoth Good Time!

What should I expect on the day of the event?

When you register for an event, you will receive an annual commerative button at the event site. You must provide your own bells and music stand. No tables or pads are needed. Wear festive colors and attire! Be sure to leave plenty of time to park and find the registration desk at the event. Event hosts will help you get settled, give you your commerative button, give instructions for set up, and collect registration fees.
The registration fee is a tax deductible contribution of $10 and is payable to the event coordinator. Everyone who paritcipates in The Great Christmas Ring is encouraged to join Handbell Musicians of America