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A Mammoth Good Time!

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What is the
Great Christmas Ring?

The Great Christmas Ring is a massed ringing for English Handbells and Handchimes held in December in public venues throughout the world. Groups of musicians, each ringing two natural bells or chimes in a 3 to 5 octave range, perform a selection of Holiday favorites for a public audience. Audience admission is FREE. The purpose of the event is to unite handbell musicians and bring the joy and quality of handbell ringing and music to the general public in a festive and fun atmosphere.

What do you play at the
Great Christmas Ring

The music performed at The Great Christmas Ring is arranged by P.Wayne, and was written especially for the event. Bell ringers perform with no tables, pads or mallets, and all the arrangements are in the key of 'C' and require a minimum 3 octaves of natural bells C4 to C7.
Handbells are one of the few instruments that are commonly rung as part of massed choirs and are especially suited for group ringing events. Participation in The Great Christmas Ring however, is open to individual ringers as well as entire handbell choirs or ensembles.

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Community Events
Global Events

Community events are the heart and soul of The Great Christmas Ring.  Community events take place at the local level and allow your group to share your love of handbells in your community, as well as offering an opportunity to get together with other handbell performers in your area that you don't get to perform with on a regular basis.

Global events are an exciting new partnership we have taken on with Global Bronze Productions to host Great Christmas Ring events in premiere concert halls and locations, handbell tourism events and unique handbell performance events that you can be a part of throughout the world.  Sharing your love of handbells with a larger global audience.

Sounds Cool.
How do I get involved?

If you are interested in performing in The Great Christmas Ring, being a coordinator for The Great Christmas Ring, or finding The Great Christmas Ring in you area, please follow the navigation links or feel free to contact us for more information. It's a Mammoth Good Time!

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