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A Mammoth Good Time!

Can I Host
The Great Christmas Ring

Yes! If you have a public venue - indoor or outdoor, or access to a public venue - and a minimum 3 octave bell choir or enough friends to cover all the basic positions, you can host The Great Christmas Ring. The goal of The Great Christmas Ring is to include as many handbell musicians in massed ringing events as possible. To host an event in your area contact us for available dates.

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What do I have to do as a host?
  1. Secure a date and liscense from The Great Christmas Ring to host an event.
  2. Prepare a minimum of 3 octave choir on the music for The Great Christmas Ring so that all the parts are covered at least once
  3. Secure your performance venue for the date of you event and do a walk through with the venue coordinators to make sure everything will go smoothly the day of your event.
  4. Collect registration fees, sell books to those who need them - everyone who plays needs to have their own book (No Copies), give each registrant their commerative button, sell if you choose The Great Christmas Ring merchandise, and have a lot of FUN!
  5. Share the joy of ringing handbells, that we all share with your community.
  6. After the event return any unsold books, merchandise and registration forms and fees in the box we sent them to you in with a prepaid shipping label and you are done.
What's in it for me and my organization?

As a host of The Great Christmas Ring we offer your group, church or organization exclusive rights to put on your event. No other liscenses will be allowed within a 30 mile radius of your event. We will list your event on our website and provide you with press releases to help you advertise your event. In addition to bringing attention to your handbell program, we allow you to purchase and resell our books and merchandise and you keep all the profits from those sales. Just return any unsold items after the event and you won't be charged for them.

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