The Great Christmas Ring Merchandise

You can purchase your own copy of The Great Christmas Ring Collection (for 3 octaves) at the event site or from our listing by clicking here.  You can now also get the 5 octave version from Amazon by clicking here.  You can also order the 3 and 5 octave collections from our own webstore by clicking here.

Get Your Music Early If You Can!

Rehearsal time is usually limited at the venues. Participants are strongly encouraged to purchase books ahead of time for rehearsal. Each musician is required to have his/her own book. Please do not make illegal photocopies. The collection features 15 arrangements specifically for the event. Each song is 2 pages so there are no page turns, are diatonic to the key of 'C' so no key changes or accidentals, written to be played entirely off the table and each musician is responsible for only two bells.

Other Cool Items

You can also purchase the following items from our web store or at the event site.

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