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-- A Mammoth Good Time! --
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Welcome to the official Great Christmas Ring, Inc. Performance Oppurtunity page. Here you will find all the latest and greatest large-scale opporunities to perform
The Great Christmas Ring!

Carnegie Hall

November 24th, 2020

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About Us

Arranged by P. Wayne, The Great Christmas Ring is a massed ring for English Handbells and Handchimes. Groups of musicians, each ringing two natural bells or chimes in a 3 or 5 octave range, perform a selection of Holiday favorites for public audiences around the world. Bell ringers perform with no tables, pads, or mallets,which allows for both individual ringers and entire handbell choirs or ensembles to join this incredible experience. The Great Christmas Ring is an event to unite handbell musicians and bring the joy and quality of handbell ringing and music to a wide array of audiences in a festive and exciting atmosphere!

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The Great Christmas Ring

-- A Mammoth Good Time --

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2019 The Great Christmas Ring Inc.

The Great Christmas Ring is a registered property of
The Stafford Regional Handbell Society
A 501(c)3 Community Handbell Society

Phillip W. Lanier - Musical Director
Neesa Hart - Programming Director

112 Juliad Court, Suite 225
Fredericksburg, VA 22406